How to work in a strip club in Central Coast

How to work in a strip club in Central Coast

Have you ever planned in a strip club before? No, not as a topless waitress Central Coast features, but as a server. If you have, or at least, plan to, we’ve assisted by compiling some tips that’ll come in handy. Plus, these tips are an excerpt from an interview we had with a lady who worked in a Central Coast strip club. 

How to work in a strip club in Central Coast

It’s Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks.

I have never been to a strip club until the day I went in for my interview when I was 26 years old. I’d been throwing it around for months, unsure what to do. I preferred having the day to myself, and I wanted a night job that paid well. I’d previously worked in restaurants and was tired of planning my day around a sloppy schedule based on someone else’s time constraints.

You’ll have more freedom.

The thing about working in a strip joint is that you have so much freedom. You schedule yourself depending on your availability; you are not required to work any shift other than the one you agreed to. It might not be the same everywhere you go, but it was at my particular facility.

If You Tell People Where You Work, They Assume You’re a Stripper.

This happens to me all the time. When it comes up in discussion, you can possibly state many times that you were never a topless waitress Central Coast featured. Not that there’s something wrong with the job; I’ve seen girls leave with a grand in their pockets and their bills covered for the week.

You’ll gain a whole new perspective on dancers.

To be honest, it’s pretty amazing to watch other women taking an entire check from customers with little to no effort. “Girls who make that kind of money aren’t just dancing,” you’ll hear people say all the time. This is clearly not true; based on my observations, the best paying women are conversing with their guests. On Saturday evenings, the long-term waitresses at my club made $400. However, these women had been in the business for at least four years, and I wasn’t planning on staying for as long.

They are not offering free shows or participating in extracurricular activities; they are just establishing rapport and then serving as a salesperson. However, I cannot speak for VIP lounges. My recommendation to any waitress will be to avoid VIP as far as possible.

There Are Good Nights and Bad Nights

The majority of your tips can be determined by how much company the club brings in and how many regulars you have. My recommendation is to go online and see who has the highest ratings in your region. Don’t just look at the good ones; even look at the worst of the worst and see if they’re reliable. I’d say don’t bother applying unless it’s a 4 star ranking or above.

Your Outfit

What you would wear is determined by the club at which you serve. We were encouraged to wear anything we liked as long as it was black at the club where I played. I was fine with wearing a black t-shirt or a comfortable black top with some panties, but some of the girls went all out. Crop tops, fishnets, caps, bare midriffs, and so on are all appropriate.

Dressing up might get you more tips, I’m not sure because I never did it.

I wasn’t there to compete with the dancers; I was there to serve beer. When I did make an attempt to look a bit better, it didn’t all go as planned. In fact, you’ll be snatched even more. I’d say it’s best to smell great, keep your nails in good shape, put on some lipstick, and look presentable. Men are concerned with personal hygiene. In terms of footwear, simply wear something comfortable and ideally non-slip. The last thing you want is to trip and fall while holding a tray of alcohol, which would save you money out of your wallet.

Men Will Constantly Push Your Boundaries.

And if the work is enjoyable, you must be prepared to put your foot down and defend yourself when someone makes you unhappy. A few of the men who visit the strip club are well-mannered and know how to conduct themselves. The rest of your customers, on the other hand, will want to take advantage of you in any way, but as long as you have a stern, optimistic exterior, you shouldn’t have a problem with guys like this.

Don’t ever let someone touch you in a way that makes you feel unsafe. You must speak up for yourself at all times.

If you serve a gentleman a drink and he tries to get a handful of your butt, fix the situation right away. “Sir, this is a no-contact club; please do not touch me,” you say. Mind you, that’s a more respectful interpretation of what’s really being said; if anyone touches you without consent, you utter whatever you need to say. Even if you’re the world’s most shy and respectful guy, the rules don’t matter in this world. Find and use your voice!

If anyone should be keeping the extra change on a bill, it’s the waitress.

If you don’t, all patrons and, on occasion, dancers will want to short you when it comes to paying for their drinks. If you pay $5.50 for a beer and someone undercuts you by 50 cents, you could let it slide at first.  However, if you let it slide now, you’ll let it slide again and again before you’ve wasted $15, 50 cents at a time.

Customers Want You to Party with Them

After all, it is a group environment. The problem is that no one ever takes only one shot or has only one drink, particularly when it’s not coming out of your pocket and you have unrestricted access to a lonely client with a large wallet.

There have been several occasions that a client “bought me a vodka,” which was simply a bottle of Sprite. Let me ask you a question if you are feeling guilty about this. Do you think they’re sorry they tried to get you drunk?

Though they may be a harmless person who really wants you to have a fun time with them, you should never assume that someone is doing this just to be nice…not that’s how it works.

Final Thoughts

With what we’ve discussed, you should have an idea of what it takes to work in a strip club. You’d also start seeing a topless waitress Central Coast features from a different perspective.

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